Helping locals with unemployment

WACO, TX - Although Waco's unemployment rate is lower than the national average, many still struggle with finding a good job.  

To combat that, Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Workforce Partners Management Group are introducing their Jumpstart program partnership. 

The statewide program has been known for helping people find jobs, but now it will be specifically helping McLennan County people.

The program will offer counseling, coaching, networking and job training.

The goal is to help people find good paying, sustainable jobs with benefits.

But the program won't target just the unemployed; it will also help those who need a better job or a second job to make ends meet.

And, speaking Spanish is certainly an advantage as the program's leaders say, many employers in the county need bilingual workers, especially with communication skills.  

The overall unemployment rate in Waco is 3.8%, which might seem low, but that means about 8,000 people are unemployed.  

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