Free sessions available to veterans and first responders

Waco, Tx - The Warriors Research Institute is looking to help veterans and emergency responders overcome traumatic events. 

Researchers are working on paying close attention to how traumatic brain injuries affect emergency responders, including fire fighters. 

They are also looking to help spouses and families of veterans with alcohol abuse. 

Doctors are hoping those residents will apply for several free sessions. 

"It is state of the are and because it does have all of this stuff around it to ensure that it's the highest quality. And because it helps make meaning out of the suffering you're under going when you are in treatment for a medical condition," says Suzy Gulliver, Director of Warriors Research Institute. 

The research studies will take place in the MacArthur building near Hillcrest hospital campus in Waco. 

For more information on completed studies or how to apply for current studies visit:

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