Three sisters honor their father on Father's Day

WOODWAY, TX - Many choose to honor their fathers on Father's Day by buying them gifts or just by simply spending time with them. 

Three Woodway sisters honored their father Sunday by fishing with him at Lake Waco and having a cookout. 

One of the sisters, Abby Haga says no one should take their father for granted.

She says, "My dad, he and I are a lot alike and so we have the same sense of humor and stuff like that and so we get along and it is fun to hang out with him, and just do simple things with him."

Haga says she and her sisters enjoy watching movies, playing sports and laughing with their father. 

Haga's father Robert Haga says, "It is actually pretty, pretty, pretty good to be a father. I enjoy my kids, we always spend time together when I am not at work."

He says he enjoyed spending time with his father as well as a little boy, especially playing baseball.

Fox 44 wishes every father a Happy Father's Day.  

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