Smoke shop robber gets 40 years

WACO, TX - A Waco man accused of robbing a smoke shop in 2015 has been sentenced to forty years in prison.

Thirty-four-year old Lynn Dobbins entered a plea to the robbery charge with a habitual enhancement Friday.

He had been charged in connection with the January 7, 2015 robbery of the A&M Smoke Shop at 2406 West Waco Drive.

Police had gotten the call at 3:15 a.m. that the robbery had taken place.

The victim told police that a man had entered the story and said " you know what time it is" while motioning with a hand in his jacket as if he had a gun.

He told the clerk he wanted the money or he would " shoot the place up."

He went around the counter and took the money from a lockbox.

He was described as a black male wearing an orange jacket.

There were five other people besides the clerk in the store at the time.

After the robbery a number of officers converged on the location to look for the robber.

One officers spotted a man later identified as Dobbins walking next to an apartment complex near 25th and Washington.\

The officer watched as he walked away, then found stuff in the wheel well of a truck an orange jacket containing a large sum of money.

Dobbins was taken into custody and taken back to be identified by the clerk.

Officers also reported finding him in possession of what tested positive for cocaine.

Dobbins received a 20-year sentence for possession of cocaine.

The sentences were to be served concurrently.



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